To minimize the overpopulation of unwanted dogs and cats in the greater Hill Country area by providing affordable spay/neuter and preventive care services.


Our Vision: To have animal unity in our community which includes a collaboration with the city, county and rescue organizations to support spay/neuter programs, reduce overpopulation, and promote animal adoptions from local shelters.


HCAL’s meager beginnings started with a neighborhood group who had a love of garage sales and a concern about feral cat colonies.  They decided to establish a rummage store while at the same time wanting to do something about the overpopulation of feral cats in the area  They started with participating in the TNR program and then started a clinic of their own.

Hill Country Animal League has come a long way since 1986!  Now we have an affordable spay/neuter clinic and a thrift store that supports the clinic’s mission. The number of surgeries climbs each year. Last year we performed over 7,000 surgeries!  We hope to go above and beyond those numbers this year, expand our clinic and promote educational measures about overpopulation, how to be responsible pet owners, wellness programs for pets, adoption partnerships and much more!