Vet Techs

Our dedicated team of vet techs is our veterinarian’s support team. They keep the engine in tune and lubricated. Our Surgery Suite Support is Joanie Stogsdill. She keeps our Senior Vet Tech and the rest of the team up to speed with the Veterinarian’s needs. Rebecca Yarbrough is our expert Recovery Specialist. She makes sure every animal recovers and is cared for until they all check out for the day. Faith Ahrens is our Instrument Technician and Animal Care Support Specialist.  And welcome to our latest addition to the team, Gerilyn Richardson our Vet Tech Assistant who provides additional help where ever needed.

Front Office

Our new Front Office team is dedicated to providing a warm welcome for all pets and owners that enter the HCAL Clinic.  Cassandra Cortez and Bernadette Vogel offer kindness and gentle understanding to those bringing their pets in for surgery as well as comprehensive knowledge of how our clinic functions from front office staff to the surgical unit.  These three ladies have their finger on the pulse of the HCAL Clinic and endeavor to make every day pleasant for both visitors and staff.

Program Coordinator

Teresa Parker is our Marketing Coordinator and works with management, board of directors and staff to develop, manage and evaluate marketing our programs. She also researches and applies for grants and other funding resources to support HCAL in our mission to eliminate overpopulation of unwanted and homeless animals in our community.

Clinic Management

Our management team is dedicated to our mission to eliminate the overpopulation of animals in the Hill Country Area through great marketing and public relation efforts. They are dedicated to bringing our organization to the next level of superior animal care service and education.

Jackie Palmer is our Executive Director and her excellent leadership skills, dedication to service and volunteerism and love of animals is well known in the Hill Country area. She is a valuable asset to the Hill Country Animal League organization and its mission. She is driven without a doubt to make HCAL stand out and stay on top in the Hill Country area through educational and public relations efforts.

Jennifer Blackson is our Director of Animal Services. Her background in animal care knowledge is amazing and her dedication to the animal world is top notch. She began her career in animal services at the Hawaii Zoo and followed that in California at Moore Park College earning an Associate’s degree in Exotic Animal Training. She worked for the City of Boerne Animal Shelter, as well. She was born an animal lover and will remain dedicated to the care and wellness of those animals she encounters.

Both directors work diligently with rescue groups in the Hill Country area to make sure all animals that are preparing to be adopted go through a proper process starting with spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccinations and a microchip before adoption takes place.

Our management team and organization as a whole work together with local rescue groups and Trap, Neuter and Return programs to put a stop to overpopulation of feral cats in our community.

Thrift Store Manager

Beth Hill is our Thrift Store Manager. She is dedicated to Hill Country Animal League and its mission and understands that the donations and the revenue collected through the sale of those donations are our main resource to support the HCAL organization and its mission. She is a great leader for the organization and her staff.

Thrift Store Staff

Our thrift store staff is very dedicated to serving the Hill Country Animal League and its mission to eliminate the overpopulation of animals in our community. They work very hard to sort through all the donations and put them on the floor for sale. They even encouraged our management to open more days of the week so customers could have more opportunities to browse and shop for unique treasures and discounted cloths.