We would like to honor our volunteers who dedicate themselves to taking action and solving problems in our communities, past and present!

Hill Country Animal League (HCAL) was founded 30 years ago by volunteers from Fair Oaks Ranch. These dedicated citizens recognized that the community lacked animal care services and took action.


The original founders and volunteers of HCAL organized garage sales and used the funds to provide spay/neuter vouchers for dogs and cats in the neighbor

hood. It was a huge success and eventually the group purchased property in Boerne and opened a Thrift Store. The Thrift Store also proved to be a great fund source for the voucher program. The organization grew from providing vouchers for spay/neuter to having our very own spay/neuter clinic.

The foundation of our organization was built by volunteers! Some are even still with HCAL! We want to thank these dedicated citizens of our community and honor them throughout the month of April by sharing some of their personal stories with you.