Our mission at Hill Country Animal League is to minimize the overpopulation of unwanted dogs and cats in the greater Hill Country area by providing affordable spay/neuter and preventive care services.

In October 2015, we said a fond farewell to Dr. Darr Wilson as he retired and handed the baton to our new Medical Director, Bernie Page, DVM. Due to the transition of the Medical Director role and staffing shortages, we found it necessary to suspend our preventive care program. We are happy to announce the program is now up and running again!

Our preventive care services are by appointment on Thursday mornings. We hope to expand the program and offer these services twice a week in the near future. Services include rabies vaccination, booster vaccines for canine distemper and lepto and feline upper respiratory and leukemia. Also included are microchips, canine heartworm testing, feline heartworm/aids/leukemia testing, and deworming. Nail trims are also available.

Call us today for an appointment if you need spay/neuter or preventive care services: 830-249-2341

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