On April 1, 2005 JJ was given keys to the building at 924 N Main in Boerne and asked to create a spay/neuter clinic. Within a year the remodel was done, a veterinarian came on board, equipment was set up, a small staff was hired and the new clinic began doing surgery. Prior to the clinic opening, spay/neuter vouchers were issued out of our thrift store on W Bandera to local area veterinarian clinics. To date, the HCAL clinic has performed about 75,000 spay/neuter surgeries!

Today we are celebrating JJ’s anniversary as she takes on a new role with HCAL as Thrift Store Manager! She is taking her same energy and enthusiasm she has for our spay/neuter mission at our clinic to the store and we’re all very excited about the vision as we go forward. Our amazing Thrift Store generates about half of our annual budget income and is so important in funding our spay/neuter mission. Thank you JJ for your dedication and hard work! Happy Anniversary!