Having worked 38 years at USAA designing computer systems, it was time to retire and change directions. I knew I couldn’t just sit around the house plus I wanted a new activity that would be meaningful, have value and it had to be fun.


I found the HCAL thrift store – and it is fun! The mission is outstanding and most importantly, the people are warm and friendly. I have been volunteering almost 10 years and I look forward to the next 10 years.

HCAL Thrift store is like the Cadillac of garage sales. All the treasures are under one roof. When you donate articles to the HCAL Thrift store, you are giving new life to your ‘castaways’ while supporting the spay and neuter program.

I hang out in the clothing area with Georgia… and hang clothing! If I am needed in another area, I help out there too.

I am a dog lover and as such, anything we can do to help dogs is tops with me. I also foster dogs from Animal Control Services and other rescue groups around San Antonio. Most of the dogs are sent to northern states to their forever homes. I have also transported some of these dogs. My grandkids love helping with the foster dogs. Each dog has a different personality and many have health and other issues. We get very attached to them all and are sad when it is time for them to leave us.