Kendall County Animal Shelter and Boerne Animal Shelter would be bursting at the seams today with thousands of unwanted cats and dogs…but they are not. Hill Country Animal League spayed and neutered almost 9,000 animals in Kendall County alone since 2008 (when we started keeping computer records)! The spay/neuter clinic was opened in 2006 and previous to that, pets were fixed through a voucher system utilizing local veterinarians, so thousands more were fixed in the 30 years Hill Country Animal League has been in operation. This effort not only saves hundreds of thousands of unwanted animals from being euthanized, it saves tax payers money as well.

Consider this illustration: of the 9,000 animals fixed since 2008, about 6,000 were cats and 3,000 were dogs. The below illustration is very conservative.


3,000 dogs
Each dog = 10 puppies/year
ONE year = 210,000 dogs!

6,000 cats
Each cat = 12 kittens/year
ONE year = 504,000 cats!

You can see how quickly animal populations can get out of control. If you consider the greater hill country area, these numbers get staggering. Hill Country Animal League fixes about 7,000 animals per year in this entire area. Thanks to donors like you, we are able to provide affordable spay/neuter and preventive care to the public, reducing unnecessary euthanasia and keeping county and city animal control costs down.