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Five Tips For a Safe & Healthy Porch Cat

Caring for outdoor cats, also known as porch cats, can be a bit more challenging than caring for indoor cats because porch cats are more exposed to the elements and potential dangers of the outdoor environment. Here are some tips to help you care for your outdoor cats:

      1. Provide food and shelter:
        Porch cats need a safe and comfortable place to rest and sleep. Provide a shelter that is insulated, dry, and protected from the wind. Make sure the food is placed in a dry area and covered so it won’t get wet. Water should be changed daily to keep it clean and fresh.
      2. Keep up with vaccinations and veterinary check-ups:
        Porch cats are more exposed to diseases and parasites, so it’s important to make sure they are up-to-date on their vaccinations and have regular veterinary check-ups. To help with this important task, we’re offering a special on our new spay/neuter and vaccine package for outside cats. For just $45, your porch cat can receive a spay/neuter procedure, FVRCP and rabies vaccines, an ear tip for identification, and additional healthcare if they are in heat or pregnant. This special offer is limited to two (2) cats per household and runs from May 1st through June 1st.
      3. Consider spaying or neutering:
        Porch cats can mate with other outdoor cats, which can lead to overpopulation. Spaying or neutering your outdoor cat can help prevent this.
      4. Provide toys and stimulation:
        Outdoor cats need toys and stimulation to keep them active and healthy. Provide scratching posts, toys, and other items that can help them stay entertained.
      5. Keep them safe:
        Outdoor cats are exposed to dangers such as cars, other animals, and weather conditions. Keep an eye on your cat and make sure they are safe. Provide a safe, enclosed area for them to play in if possible.

By following these tips, you can help keep your outdoor cat healthy, happy, and safe. To take advantage of our new $45 porch cat care special, schedule an appointment today, as this offer is only available during the month of May.

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