Meet Azula, a HCAL Pet Rescue

Meet Azula, AKA “Street Dog”

We’re excited to share another inspiring story of “HCAL in Action;” where we spotlight a deserving pet who came to Hill Country Animal League for a spay or neuter surgery and pet care and is on their journey towards a healthier life, often in a more loving environment.

Azula, a recently rescued shepherd mix, was checked into the clinic on November 10th to be spayed. Unlike most stray dogs, she had a calm demeanor as she patiently waited in her kennel for her surgery. In fact, the puppy was so relaxed that she fell asleep in the middle of the chaos around her.

When Azula, then affectionately known as “Street Dog,” was ready for surgery, the vet tech was astonished by how calm and friendly she was. So much so that she did not have to restrain or sedate the puppy while preparing her for surgery. Instead, she responded lovingly to the canine’s pleads for affection, as she rolled over for belly rubs.

Because of Street Dog’s friendly and affectionate behavior, our vet tech couldn’t accept not knowing what would happen to this special girl! She was so eager to love and be loved, that our tech decided to adopt Street Dog and give her a forever home and a name she could be proud of…Azula!

Azula is one of many animals that we have the pleasure of meeting at Hill Country Animal League, but not all stories for the pets we see end as happy as hers.

We wish Azula and her new family all the best in their lives together. And we encourage community members, like those who found Azula, to take the important steps toward ending animal homelessness and overpopulation by rescuing unwanted animals and turning them over to responsible shelters.

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