If you like inspirational stories with happy endings, you’ll love this. My name is Maggie and I’ve had an incredible journey. Who knows how long I was wandering the streets. I was lost, hungry and looking pretty sorry when a total stranger finally stopped and gently picked me up. My hero, Miss Sue! She took me to this great place called Hill Country Animal League.

Hill Country Animal League offers so many wonderful services to the surrounding community — affordable spay, neuter and preventative care. They work in collaboration with city, county and rescue organizations. Plus, they help promote animal adoptions from local shelters. They make taking care of animals easier and more affordable for rescue humans like Miss Sue and just regular families with pets. I had hit the jackpot!

img_4544_web_vertI’m a lab mix — so not only am I cute, but I’m pretty darned smart, too. Hill Country Animal League made sure I was spayed, and then connected me with a rescue program. At the very same time, that rescue program received a call from a mom named Jeanna wanting to know if they had any “really smart” dogs available that could be trained as a therapy dog for her 8-year-old daughter, Bailey, who has autism. I think I overheard them say “Have we got the dog for you!”

There was a whole list of requirements to even be considered for this kind of honor and I passed them all with flying colors. Now I’m officially “In Training” to be Bailey’s therapy dog! I can’t wait!

Imagine if Miss Sue didn’t have Hill Country Animal League to count on. Where would I be now?

Mrs. Palmer and I would like to ask you to please give today. Your gift will help Hill Country Animal League continue its work of serving pets like me —and their humans — in our community and it just might create the next inspirational story.

Please consider making a donation to Hill Country Animal League this Holiday Season.

Give before December 31 to ensure your donation will be tax deductible for  your 2016 tax returns.